What is autoimmune disease

What is autoimmune? It is when the immune system malfunctions and starts to see some part of its normal anatomy as a problem, so it creates antibodies that attack your own tissue. The body mistakenly launches an attack on itself which would normally be reserved for pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. This can lead to deterioration and sometimes destruction of that tissue.

Can you name an autoimmune disease? Over 90% of people can’t. Yet, they are the third leading cause of illness and death in the industrialised world, surpassed only by cancer and heart disease. It affects 1 in 20 people and most are women.

Autoimmune is an umbrella term that has over 80 different known states of disease under it. For this reason, there is a huge variation in those affected by autoimmune disease. Autoimmune disease can present in a specific part of the body, like Autoimmune Thyroid Disease. Or it can be systemic where the effects are felt throughout the body, such as Lupus. Some are quite common and others are very rare.

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7 Tournament Formats That Can Be Used For Axe Throwing Competitions

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In recent years, axe throwing has become an increasingly popular pastime that has brought together families, friends, work colleagues, and social groups for a few hours of fun that is different to what most people might think of doing.

As well as being good physical exercise and lots of fun, axe throwing also throws up ( no pun intended) an opportunity to get competitive with those who are with you. Now, you might play ‘highest score wins’, but you can devise several alternative tournament options if you use your imagination. However, we will save you that effort, as we have outlined no fewer than seven axe-throwing competition formats below.

Tournament Format #1 – Knockout Competition (Open Draw)

This first format can also be described as single elimination, where each match between two players will mean the individual who wins proceeds to the next round, whilst the loser is eliminated. Eventually, two players will meet in the final, where there will be a winner.

Each match can be a one-off set of throws, but it is better to do it over several games, such as a best of seven or eleven games, depending on the time available. The open draw means everyone’s name is placed in a hat, and each match is drawn without seeding based on skill levels, which can mean the two best players play each other in the first round.

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The Pros And Cons Of Fitness Supplements

The Pros And Cons Of Fitness Supplements

One of the most discussed subjects concerning fitness and sports is supplements. When they are being discussed, fitness supplements tend to split opinions in one of three ways. The first group are those that are for supplements, use them, and swear that they have helped make them fitter, faster, and stronger.

The second group are those who are vehemently opposed to supplements, either because they simply refuse to use them or because they are fearful of possible side effects. The third group are those that are neither opposed nor in favour of supplements, simply because they do not have enough information to make a definitive decision one way or the other.

For that last group, and possibly for some of those opposed to supplements simply because they do not know enough about them, we are going to outline some of the pros and cons of fitness and sports supplements. We do so without any intention of coming down on one side of the argument or the other, as it is up to each individual to make that choice.

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How to Care For Yourself After Cataract Eye Surgery

How to Care For Yourself After Cataract Eye Surgery

Cataract eye surgery is a safe and painless surgery that replaces your naturally clouded lens with artificial ones to restore your vision. Even though the surgery can sound daunting and complicated, thousands of them are performed every day including cataract eye surgery, SMILE laser eye surgery and LASIK surgery.

An eye specialist will take care of all the hard work to put you at ease, but they ask that you do your best to help with the aftercare. Here are some of the things you can expect in the days after cataract eye surgery. 

The Day After

The day after cataract eye surgery, you may like to take one to three days off work for your recovery. Fortunately, eye surgery recovery times are relatively quick, which means your life won’t have to change too much in those initial few days.

Still, on the day of surgery and the day after, refrain from driving. This gives your eyes a chance to heal and reach their full vision potential.

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Top 7 Fake Tanning Tips

Top 7 Fake Tanning Tips

Fake tan has come a long way since orange palms and streaky ankles (well for most people!) but is our desire for the year-round ultimate sun-free tan actually safe?

The most common ingredient in fake tanners is called dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which is a colour additive that binds to dead skin cells and changes the colour of the skin. As the dead skin cells come off, so does the fake tan.

DHA is regulated as a safe chemical as long as it only touches the skin. It is when ingested that it can be harmful. A study at the School of Public Health and Health Services at George Washington University, USA showed that DHA may cause mutations or changes to the DNA structure in our living cells. The current concerns are not so much the chemical reaction on the skin when ‘tanning’ but if the DHA from the tanning product is ingested how this could affect our lungs and other organs. So, if you’re faking it at the salon, you may be breathing in DHA through your nose and mouth.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA has approved DHA in traditional self-tanning creams and lotions but states that sprays containing DHA have not been approved, due to a lack of data confirming their safety. These recommendations echo a report in 2010 from the Danish Toxicology Centre, which advised using nose filters and eye protection in tanning booths.

However according to the European Commission’s independent scientific committee, which oversees the safety of cosmetic ingredients in Europe, believe that DHA is safe to use in cosmetic products.

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5 Ways To Breathe New Life Into Your Fitness 4e’s Website

5 Ways To Breathe New Life Into Your Fitness 4e's Website

Just as you might give your house, office, or your gym an occasional update the same principle also applies to your fitness business’s website. Expert web designers say that updating a website can not only lead to greater search engine rankings but it can also mean that conversions on the website improve too.

When we say to update your website, we are not talking about taking it down and rebuilding an entirely new one, although if you feel that your current website is so out of date that even the improvements we suggest would not resurrect it, then certainly consider having a new website designed for your fitness business. For those who believe that some updates and improvements will help, here are our 5 top ways to breathe new life into your fitness business’s website.

Check All Functions

Whilst some of this might seem technical, and by all means, seek out the help of web design experts if you are unsure how to proceed, the first task is to ensure that the website is operating and functioning as it should.

First to check is the load speed of the home page, and then all the other pages. Slow page load will kill your search engine ranking plus visitors will not hang around either if pages load slowly. Also, check videos and audios play properly, and images are displaying correctly.

Refresh The Content

This might seem like a trivial issue but having content that is out of date is hardly the greatest advert for your fitness business. Go through your blog and other places on your website there is content and see if it is still relevant and even if it is, consider tweaking it or adding to it to make it fresher.

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Bread Basics: Which is Best?

Bread Basics: Which is Best?

Doing your weekly food shop can be quite stressful when you see how many options there are for each product. Even when you have recipes to follow, you’ve still got to decide on brands.

Just as you would read the labelling of wine you’re purchasing, it pays to consider ingredients and manufacturing processes for bread, too. They are not all the same, and some are better for you than others.

Don’t tie yourself up in knots in the bakery section. If you’re looking for the healthiest bread option for your family, consider these below.


Sourdough may not be your first choice, but it can be a healthy, delicious option that your family loves. Sourdough bread goes through a unique fermentation process, with naturally-occurring yeast allowing the bread to rise.

Due to its prebiotics and probiotics produced during fermentation, sourdough bread can be easier for your body to digest than other types. It also has a low glycaemic index and promotes good gut health.

The best part is, you can buy it in whole wheat and white varieties. Give it a try, and you might be surprised at how it works for you.

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7 Sports Nets And Their Array Of Differences

7 Sports Nets And Their Array Of Differences

Across the array of sports that exist, many of them rely on a net of some kind. These sports nets not only look different within each sport, but their purpose for being there also differs. Some nets are to stop the ball when a goal or point scored, such as in hockey or football, in some sports the ball must pass through the net, as in netball, or basketball, in tennis the ball must go over the next, and in sports, like golf and cricket, the net is used while practicing.

We could add several more sports and sports nets to the ones we have already highlighted, so we thought it would be worthwhile to give you some more detail on the many different types of nets that are used across a plethora of sports. As you read through them you will soon appreciate that sports nets have a variety of uses, are made from an array of materials, and they can be made to a vast number of different sizes, including custom sizes if requested.

Australian Rules Football

The primary purpose of Aussie rules nets is to prevent spectators behind the post from being hit by the ball, but they also make it easier for ball retrieval. They tend to be lightweight and can be made to whatever width and size is needed.


The net is obviously there to catch the ball when a goal is scored, and this can also clarify if a goal has actually been scored or not. There are two main designs of soccer net, namely tapered which slopes backward behind the goal, or box-shaped which is what you see used in most major tournaments.

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How To Connect With Your Personal Fitness Email Subscribers For Increased Revenue

How To Connect With Your Personal Fitness Email Subscribers For Increased Revenue

In order to grow your personal fitness business using the internet, you almost certainly need to use one or more forms of digital marketing, and one of the most effective is email marketing. Unfortunately, many business owners use email marketing in the wrong way by bombarding their email subscribers with promotions and as the digital marketing experts at www.slinkydigital.com.au advise, building a relationship with those subscribers should be the priority.

The words, ‘building a relationship’ can mean many different things to different people so let us first assure you that it does not mean having to divulge your personal details, sending them flowers, or buying them a pint at the local bar. Instead, it means using email to create a relationship where your subscribers look forward to receiving your emails, actively check their email account for them, and most important of all, follow the calls to action that are included in your emails.

We should point out that those calls to action must not be ‘Click This Link To Buy’ every single time. Doing that would be the quickest way to annoy those who have taken the time to subscribe to your email list, and also puts you at risk of being accused of spamming if one of your subscribers gets annoyed enough.

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It’s Never Too Late to Start Exercising – and Here’s Why

Start Exercising

The age-old adage is that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. This might be why those who don’t exercise or look after their health have no desire to do so when they get older. They might think they are “passed it” or would never be able to keep up. Studies say otherwise.

According to research published in the journal Frontiers in Physiology, your body has the same ability to build muscle mass when you’re older as it could when you were younger. Therefore, if you were put off by the idea of getting fit and working on your health in your later years, then here is some good news: there’s no time like the present to start.

Jim Owen is an example of how starting exercise in later life actually works. He outlined his journey to fitness and wellbeing in Just Move! A New Approach to Fitness After 50. Jim worked on Wall Street in a sedentary position and realised at age 70 that it wasn’t doing his health any favours. He started exercising and was able to build muscle mass just like any other younger person.

A research team at the University of Birmingham also looked into later-in-life exercise and how young and older men build muscle mass. They split the study into groups of two people. The first group consisted of people over 60 who, for the last 20 years, had exercised at least twice per week. The second group didn’t have a consistent workout routine.

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