Are You Struggling with Exercise Variety? Here Are 5 Things You Need to Try

It doesn’t take long before your everyday workout regime can become tedious. If you’re traversing the same old path, running the same old track, and doing the same old star jumps, then you may begin to find excuses not to exercise at all. Keeping fit, losing weight, and staying healthy doesn’t have to be a drag. It can be fun if you know how you can change it up and add a little variety, such as with group fitness. Here are a few of the many things you can do.

Join a Group Fitness Class

One of the best ways to break through the monotony of your exercise regime is by turning it completely on its head. Do something you never thought you would do, such as joining a group fitness class with plenty of options available. You can try high-intensity workouts such as BodyAttack, or enhance your mind, body, and soul with BodyBalance. Even yoga or spin classes can give you that much-needed variety.

Hire a Personal Trainer

If you want every exercise session to be different, then hiring a personal trainer may be an excellent option for you. They not only provide you with their expertise but with unique and useful exercise options you can have fun with and enjoy. What’s more, hiring a personal trainer can make you more motivated and encouraged to get off the couch and get moving.

Try Something Entirely Different

If you usually choose low-intensity exercises such as yoga or biking, then why not try something entirely different such as group fitness with intensity? Give your body a boost of adrenaline with an intense cardio workout such as BodyCombat, and kick-start a wholly new exercise routine that’s unlike you at all. Sometimes, all it takes to break through the monotony of your workout routine is doing something that’s at the opposite spectrum of what you’re doing now.

Make Your Regimes

Think you have what it takes to provide your body with a customised workout? Then, combine aspects of exercises you have tried over time and make a regime that’s unique to you. Cover up to five days of workouts, aiming for at least 30 minutes of high-intensity exercises and strength training for those five days. The creation process will be equally as rewarding as the exercise.

Use Apps

Alongside the likes of personal trainers and group fitness classes for beginners and experts, mobile phone apps can also be helpful. There are thousands of options on the market – all of which can help you to track your fitness, heart rate, distance, calories, and so much more. Some apps even have custom workout routines that can add variety and excitement to what you are already doing.

Group fitness sessions and stepping outside your comfort zone can open the doors of exercise variety in no time. You can improve your fitness, try new things, and even improve your confidence levels. There’s no time like today to make a change for the betterment of your body and soul.