Benefits of Weighted Vests

If you’re having trouble staying fit, or you’re looking to challenge yourself during your daily workouts, trying a weighted vest might be the next best step. While you might have already shed the kilos you’re looking to put back on in a vest form, isn’t it exciting to know you once used to carry around all that weight all the time? Buying a weighted vest is just one of many ways to add some excitement to your workout, and here’s why.

Burn More Fat

There’s nothing wrong with going for a jog or a walk or biking, but when you see how many calories you’ve burned, sometimes it’s more effective to hang out the washing instead. However, if you add a weight vest to your walk or run, or during high-intensity workout sessions, you will definitely notice a difference. A weighted vest can help you to work on staying fit, all the while enabling you to burn as much as 12 percent more calories, according to a University of New Mexico study.

By wearing a weighted vest, you’re intensifying your workout session which encourages fat burning. You will use more energy and more calories which can make your workout challenging and entirely beneficial.

Boosts Your Cardio Workout

Running, skipping, jumping and even burpees get your heart racing, but have you ever noticed how lifting weights does as well? When your body is made to carry more weight than it typically would, you are using far more energy than usual – equating to calorie burning. Because you need more energy to wear a weighted vest, your body responds to the challenge by sending a much-needed boost which strengthens your lungs and heart.

Therefore, wearing a weighted vest can turn a typically standard workout into one that pushes the boundaries.

Improve Strength

When you’re trying to find ways of staying fit, the last thing you would be thinking is that a weighted vest can help you achieve that goal. However, it can, and it will even improve your strength in the process. If you continually include a weighted vest in your workout, your body responds by giving you the muscles over time to support the weight. In essence, that’s why you can increase the weight once it’s well-established into your workout.

However, your bones are equally reactive to the extra weight. You benefit from increased bone mass, a stronger musculoskeletal system, and a far denser bone structure.

Breaks Up Workout Monotony

If you aren’t a part of a class, which is highly recommended, then it’s easy for your workout routine to get boring. Once you get bored, you are more at risk of calling it quits. Adding a weighted vest to some of your exercises can break up that monotony, introducing new challenges. While you might have got bored completing mountain climbers on a daily basis, have you tried doing them with a weighted vest? It’s like beginning a new routine all over again.

Adding a weighted vest to your workout routine offers no end of benefits. If you’re ready to step it up a notch and trying something different, there’s every reason to shop around for a vest today.