5 Ways To Breathe New Life Into Your Fitness 4e’s Website

Just as you might give your house, office, or your gym an occasional update the same principle also applies to your fitness business’s website. Expert web designers say that updating a website can not only lead to greater search engine rankings but it can also mean that conversions on the website improve too.

When we say to update your website, we are not talking about taking it down and rebuilding an entirely new one, although if you feel that your current website is so out of date that even the improvements we suggest would not resurrect it, then certainly consider having a new website designed for your fitness business. For those who believe that some updates and improvements will help, here are our 5 top ways to breathe new life into your fitness business’s website.

Check All Functions

Whilst some of this might seem technical, and by all means, seek out the help of web design experts if you are unsure how to proceed, the first task is to ensure that the website is operating and functioning as it should.

First to check is the load speed of the home page, and then all the other pages. Slow page load will kill your search engine ranking plus visitors will not hang around either if pages load slowly. Also, check videos and audios play properly, and images are displaying correctly.

Refresh The Content

This might seem like a trivial issue but having content that is out of date is hardly the greatest advert for your fitness business. Go through your blog and other places on your website there is content and see if it is still relevant and even if it is, consider tweaking it or adding to it to make it fresher.

Any content that is out of date, should be removed, and that includes videos and audios. Watch and listen to them to see if there is any references that date them, and thus make it obvious they are several years old.

Improve The Visuals

Whilst there may not be any need to completely redesign your website, you might still wish to freshen up its appearance. This could be replacing some of the images which are clearly dated  or making a few tweaks to the layout of your pages. Again, if you are unsure please seek expert help as you do not want to risk making a change and then finding your website does not load at all.

Check That You Have Clear Calls To Action

Every website should have purpose, and yours may have several purposes. However, none of these will be achieved if visitors to any of the pages of your website are not encouraged to take those actions. It could be they enter their email to receive a downloadable fitness video, call to book a consultation, or signup via a payment page for online fitness classes. Whichever it is, there must be no doubt in their mind what they must do, so where an action is required, make it clear.

Carry Out A Links Audit

Maybe not the most exciting task, but you must go through your website and check that each link, whether internal or external opens up the page or website it should. If it does not then you need to fix or change the link. This will keep visitors happy, and it also protects your search engine rankings as broken links are something Google can penalise websites for by reducing their rankings.