7 Sports Nets And Their Array Of Differences

Across the array of sports that exist, many of them rely on a net of some kind. These sports nets not only look different within each sport, but their purpose for being there also differs. Some nets are to stop the ball when a goal or point scored, such as in hockey or football, in some sports the ball must pass through the net, as in netball, or basketball, in tennis the ball must go over the next, and in sports, like golf and cricket, the net is used while practicing.

We could add several more sports and sports nets to the ones we have already highlighted, so we thought it would be worthwhile to give you some more detail on the many different types of nets that are used across a plethora of sports. As you read through them you will soon appreciate that sports nets have a variety of uses, are made from an array of materials, and they can be made to a vast number of different sizes, including custom sizes if requested.

Australian Rules Football

The primary purpose of Aussie rules nets is to prevent spectators behind the post from being hit by the ball, but they also make it easier for ball retrieval. They tend to be lightweight and can be made to whatever width and size is needed.


The net is obviously there to catch the ball when a goal is scored, and this can also clarify if a goal has actually been scored or not. There are two main designs of soccer net, namely tapered which slopes backward behind the goal, or box-shaped which is what you see used in most major tournaments.


The nets for these sports are relatively simple and have basically the same functions. They are to slow the ball as it is thrown through the hoop to indicate a score and to allow for a quicker restart so that play can continue more or less uninterrupted.


Sports netting is not used during a round of golf or during a tournament, other than for spectator safety in specific circumstances. Its main use is in practice ranges, which includes indoor practice areas too. Netting manufacturers can produce golf nets in a variety of sizes depending on the specific location they are to be used.


Hockey sports nets are used for similar purposes to those used in soccer, with the most obvious being to stop the ball when a goal is scored. They can be made from either soft netting or steel mesh and are used in conjunction with the kickboard which is located around the base of the goal frame.


The sports nets used by cricketers, rather than being used during a cricket match, are mainly for practice. Sports net suppliers will have multiple sizes available and often create custom cricket nets for their clients given that each will have a different amount of space available to them for practicing.


Whilst there are many sports where the objective is to hit the net, as in soccer, when you are playing tennis or badminton hitting the net is most definitely not what you want to do. Usually, rectangular in shape and strung across two posts, tennis and badminton nets tend to be made to standard heights and lengths to conform to the size of the respective court, although some net manufacturers will produce custom-sized nets if needed.