Top Reasons People Get Addicted to Drugs

Drug and alcohol addictions affect millions around the world, including the families of those who enter a drug rehab facility to try and get clean. For those who are on the outside looking in, you may be wondering what causes someone to become an addict in the first place. Why not just say ‘no’ to drugs? It’s not that easy, especially when the following plays a part.

Family Genetics or History

According to Sivana Rehab, you might not think that your family plays a part in your addiction, but they could be paving the way. If any member of your family has a drug addiction, then you may have a genetic predisposition to follow down the same path. What’s more, up to 70 percent of risk factors get their association with family drug addicts.

Prescription Drugs

One of the more common reasons for someone to enter a drug rehab facility is that they once had a genuine need for the drugs on which they now rely. Opioid medication is commonly prescribed for those suffering from pain, but not everyone knows how to manage the risks of addiction, or find themselves quickly reliant on those pills to get through the day. In this case, a drug rehab facility can be helpful for someone to get their life back on track.


It’s mostly not the drug taking itself that’s addictive, but the feeling you get when you’re high or drunk. You continuously crave that feeling, which means you’re in search of drugs or alcohol to help you achieve it.


Being in the wrong crowd can be a common reason for drug addiction. If you want your friends to think you’re cool, or they pressure you, you can find yourself abusing drugs and alcohol which can lead to reliance and addiction.

Mental Health Problems

If you’ve been through a traumatic experience in your life, or you’re suffering from a mental health condition, then you may turn to drugs and alcohol as a crutch to help you through. Knowing these drugs “fix” the problem at the time, it doesn’t take long for an addiction to form. There are now non-addictive medications available to help with mental health conditions.


Those who find themselves lonely, isolated, or distant can turn to alcohol and drugs to fill the void of loneliness. Alcohol and drugs become that familiar friend, but they end up distancing you even further. Loneliness can often lead you into a spiral of depression, also increasing your need for drugs and making the need for drug rehab even direr.

To many people, drugs can be fun, but there is such a high risk of addiction that they’re not worth trying for recreation purposes – even once. Taking drugs can lead to dependence followed by the need for drug rehab.