Benefits of Sweating While Waist Training

When you’re waist training with latex or compression fabric waist trainers, you will find you sweat a lot. In fact, one of the many aims of a waist trainer is to encourage sweat. While, at the time, it might feel uncomfortable, the after-effects of excess sweat can have more benefits than you think. Here are a few of the many below.

You Benefit from an Endorphin Boost

When you experience prolonged sweating while waist training – be it in a group or during a solo work out – you release endorphin hormones at the same time. These hormones offer that feel-good factor which is why when you work out; you typically feel better than when you first started. What’s more, a study published in a 2009 Biology Letters Journal even found that you can increase your endorphin levels even further and with less pain while sweating when you are in a group setting.

You Can Detoxify Your Body

When you begin waist training, you may be looking to improve your overall health and wellness. The more you sweat during your workout, the more toxins your body can release. Sweat can release toxins that typically clog your pores and cause skin problems such as blemishes, acne, and pimples. What’s more, it can even flush salt, cholesterol, and alcohol out of your body for a cleaner, healthier you.

Prevents Colds and Flus

Before you reach for that cold and flu medication, have you ever thought about waist training or exercising to increase your sweat production? Because your sweat contains anti-microbial peptides, it’s useful for combating bacteria and viruses and fighting germs. In fact, it can even fight off tuberculosis germs. Researchers have also deducted that bugs will be slower to form a resistance against sweat than they would antibiotics.

Reduces Your Risk of Getting Kidney Stones

No one ever wants to get kidney stones, but the reality is, many different things can cause them. However, if you want to reduce your risk of becoming a sufferer, ramp up your exercise routine while waist training to increase sweat production. Because you are sweating out salt, there is less build up in your urine which reduces the risk of stone creation. What’s more, the more you sweat, the more you drink, which dilutes your urine, so it’s less acidic. Urine with less acidity means you are less at risk of developing stones.

People start waist training for many reasons. They want a flatter stomach, better posture, to alleviate back pain and accentuate their curves. However, because compression fabric and latex tend to be restrictive and thicker than regular workout clothing, it can cause excess sweat production. While you may find it a convenience, it’s clear to see that it’s something you should be welcoming into your exercise routine instead.