What’s Hot: Bridesmaid Dress Trends

One of the best bridesmaids gifts you can give is the gift of a beautiful dress. After all, being made to wear a garish and ugly gown is every bridesmaid’s worst fear. However, when you’re in the planning stages of your wedding – working out a theme and the numbers, it can be a challenge to know what dresses are going to work.

Of course, you’ll have your wedding dress organised, but what bridesmaid dresses are you going to choose? If you’re stuck and the clock is ticking, we’ve included some on-trend bridesmaid dress options below.


If your bridesmaids are all quite tall, one of the most on-trend bridesmaid dresses is the tea-length dress. A tea-length dress refers to the hemline which falls to the lower calf or just below the knee. While those on the shorter side can wear tea-length dresses as well, they do tend to require a little alteration to achieve that perfect length. However, if you do decide this is the best dress option for your bridesmaids, you will achieve an elegant yet fun look that many other dresses just can’t offer.

Cap Sleeves

There’s no denying that sleeveless dresses are beautiful, but they can often be not the most convenient. One of the best bridesmaids gifts you can give is the peace of mind that there won’t be any dress-falling-down moments. You can achieve this with a cap sleeve dress. While the sleeves are discreet and subtle, they are obvious enough to add a touch of class to the outfit while still highlighting the style and intricacies of the chest area. Better yet, lace typically ties this area together for the ultimate bridesmaid look.

Pastel Colours

Pastels are typically a spring colour, but they’ve been that popular that now people want to wear them at every time of the year. If you decide to purchase bridesmaid dresses in pastel hues, you will immediately notice the benefits. Firstly, they are tame enough as to not clash against your dress but are sufficiently vibrant to appear completely different.

What’s more, even if you decide to choose a different coloured dress for each bridesmaid, they will all tie in together as a collective quite beautifully. If you tried to do this with dresses of full shades, the result would be less than ideal.

Lace Detailing

While lace is something that typically features on the bride’s dress rather than those of the bridesmaids, it’s becoming a more popular option – especially as more brides opt for plain dresses instead. Lace detailing looks exquisite on any bridesmaid dress, which is sure to make your girls breathe a sigh of relief. After all, as we said earlier, the best bridesmaid gift you can give is a beautiful dress that doesn’t make them cringe. Lace detailing elevates any dress and can either feature as an overlay over the entire dress, along the sleeves, or in the bodice.

Bridesmaid dresses have come a long way – especially in the last few decades. No longer are bridesmaids doomed to a full day of wearing a hideous dress. Instead, they can look every bit as elegant and beautiful as the bride herself.