How to Travel with only Carry-On Luggage

If the lure of Bali villas or beach-side resorts is too strong to resist, then it might be time to take that much-needed vacation. However, if you’re on a budget or you don’t like the hassle of having to check in luggage, then the thought of carry-on luggage might be appealing. But, how on earth do you fit everything into a carry-on bag? It’s possible, so find out how below.

Know Airline Limits

Every airline you fly with is going to have a different limit for carry-on bags. Some let you have both a handbag or satchel as well as a backpack, while others allow you only one. Some have size capacities not that much different than check-in luggage, yet some airlines merely have a weight capacity. Before you go ahead and purchase your ticket, read their fine print. Find out what kind of bag is going to be suitable for flying with you, and will it be big enough?

Wear Your Bulkiest Clothing

While staying in Bali villas evokes that image of sunshine, tropical climes, and bikinis, there is every possibility you may find yourself chilly at some point – at least in the evening. Therefore, you’re going to need a jacket. Rather than take up half of the available space in your bag, it’s in your best interests to wear it on the plane, then back home again. While it might not be jacket weather, it will save a significant amount of space in your bag. Therefore, if you’re looking to save space in your carry-on luggage, it’s helpful to wear all your bulkiest clothing on the plane.

Forget Toiletries

Airlines can be quite strict when it comes to liquids and toiletries. Most airlines have a millilitre allowance, and anything over that limit will be denied on the flight. To avoid this frustration as well as to save space, don’t pack them at all. If you’re flying to Bali, for example, you are bound to find a store selling everything you require to carry out your ablutions. Then, when you come home, you can get rid of anything left before you board your flight.

Pack Outfits

Rather than pack single items for your trip away, think about the outfits you wear regularly. Pack one top with one bottom, pair it with undies, socks, and shoes, and make sure everything you pack has something to accompany it. By doing that, you’re saving space on items you probably won’t wear. Who needs five t-shirts for a week-long holiday?

Utilise All Space

Your carry-on luggage allowance will be minimal, and while you’re packing light as you head to luxurious Bali villas, you also need to pack smart. To utilise all available space, roll your clothing rather than fold it, and pack items into your shoes as well. Jewellery, socks, and even underwear can be rolled and pushed into footwear, and you can also place thongs inside of other shoes as well. Roll, stuff, pack, it’s a simple yet effective process for saving on space as you head to those beautiful Bali villas.

Everyone needs a holiday from time to time but checking in luggage can be a hassle. You have to be there hours earlier than your flight, worry about the airline losing your luggage, then have to hang around waiting for it to come through the conveyor belt. You can avoid this problem by traveling light with only carry-on luggage. Give it a go, and you’re sure to find it’s the best way to travel.